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There are dozens of job sites available online today. Each has its own methods used to help employers connect with potential employees. Some are intended for those searching for jobs to post their resume and information so employers can come to them. Others act as a digital message board so employers can list the positions they have available and their contact information, allowing any potential employees to come to them. One of the many benefits of is that this website offers more than just a basic board to list information. Plenty of help is available from start to finish for employers and job seekers alike.

JobsFreeforAll is a non-profit entity aimed to help people who are looking for jobs. Unlike other webpages that are basically an advertising site for job listings, this webpage will help guide users toward the perfect position. Those looking for jobs will be given the opportunity to connect with positions in their area without having to jump through any hoops or search for appropriate tools to finish the application process. Employers using JobsFreeforAll see the same benefits, gaining access to the necessary tools to weed through candidates so they can find the perfect person for their open position.

Free for All Users

The tagline for is “free for jobseekers, free for employers, free for all!” If employers cannot get the word out that they are hiring, they will not be able to find a solid group of people to apply for the task. Small or medium sized businesses may be working with a limited promotional budget that does not leave room for a lot of extra application fees on the big name job websites. Those that are out of work or looking to trade up to a better paying position do not have the extra cash lying around to allow for a lot of extra spending. JobsFreeforAll understands this, and refuses to charge users for using their webpage. All services from start to finish are available free of charge, maximizing potential for both groups.  Please reference the job and employment applications.

Offering More than a Sound Board

A lot of job sites are essentially a billboard where employers can list their basic information. This can be frustrating for employers because they will usually wind up with more applicants than they can weed through, but not many that are suitable for the job. With so many similar applications coming in, it can be difficult to even find a unique candidate worth interviewing.

On the jobseeker’s end, this system can be equally frustrating. Users feel like they are constantly applying to dozens of jobs, but never getting an interview. In a lot of cases, there isn’t even a call back regarding whether or not their application was received which can be very disheartening. Instead of throwing yourself at every job board you can find on the internet, you can find a website that helps you find a job that you are suited for so you will not be starting the job search over in a few months.

In addition to listing jobs on their website, offers the ideal tools to help you connect with the perfect job. Instead of just offering a place to post your resume, this site contains all of the tools to allow you to provide all of the information job recruiters need to find their perfect candidate. Everything from skill assessments to employee history verification to job training is available. JobsFreeforAll even helps employees collect drug tests and other information necessary to ensure that the candidate can start work immediately, allowing you to score the interview without any trouble.

Navigating the Hawaii Job Market

Finding Your Way through the Hawaii Job Market

The Hawaii job market is unique compared to many other states. If you are looking to move to Hawaii you will need to consider how the unique environment here will affect your ability to find adequate employment. There are several jobs available in specific markets, but there may not be a wide range of employment options due to the small size of the state and the small population. With many people scouting for the same positions you will need to do everything you can to make your resume stand out in the pile. Otherwise you may lose out on the job of a lifetime just because someone else took advantage of a few recruiting tricks.

Considering the Cost of Living

Because most essentials must be shipped in for residents, the cost of living in Hawaii is very high. There is also limited housing due to the high amount of protected land or land reserved for one of the many resorts in the area. Before you move to Hawaii you will need to evaluate how these costs will affect your profit margin. Consider how much you will need to make in order to cover the basic expenses, then find a job that will allow you to cover these expenses while building up your savings.

Finding Jobs in Your Area

While it is certainly possible to travel from island to island in Hawaii, you may not be able to manage this every morning as part of your commute. As you begin to explore the Hawaii job market, you will need to focus on finding positions in your area so you can limit the amount of travel you need to try to manage every morning. Working with a job website that organizes positions by region rather than simply noting which jobs are available in the whole state of Hawaii will save you a lot of time as you browse for a new job. Otherwise you might find yourself wasting time applying to jobs that are nowhere near where you will be living.

Many jobs in Hawaii revolve around the tourism market. These include retail jobs (i.e. Old Navy application) Those who are looking for a specific position will need to be proactive with your job search. Focus on using job websites that allow you to search for jobs by category instead of searching through every listing available. Once you find a job that you think will work with your skill set you can start focusing on creating an application package that is sure to get you noticed by the recruiters.

Rounding Out Your Experience

Because the job market in Hawaii revolves around a handful of key industries, you will need to make sure your skills match these requirements. Gaining experience dealing with people in a tourism setting is essential to landing a job at any of the major resorts. You may also need experience with working with state parks or land conservation that will allow you to manage natural resources effectively. Look through job listings before you start seriously applying will allow you to evaluate what skills you need so you can get the training you need.

Once you decide to enter the Hawaii job market you will need to make sure all of your materials are in order. With many people applying for the same position, you will need to do everything you can to show recruiters why you are the most appropriate candidate for the position. Be proactive and put any materials the job recruiter specifically asked for right up front so employers can put your resume on the top of the pile. Then they can evaluate the rest of your qualifications as you present them.

Be Prepared When Looking for Jobs Online

Setting Up a High Quality Application Package while Looking for Jobs Online

When looking for jobs online you must make sure all of your resources are in line. You will be relying on your text-based profile to attract potential employers. All documents must be scanned carefully to ensure that they do not contain any spelling mistakes or factual errors. Then you can post your materials on multiple job sites to attract attention from potential employers.

Preparing Your Resume

One of the first steps in looking for jobs online is preparing a resume. If you are simply updating an employment profile you should include as much experience as possible. In general, it is not recommended that you include experience that would make you look outdated. For young applicants, do not include jobs that you held before high school or college. Older applicants may want to avoid including experience that is more than 10-15 years old unless it is relevant to other materials on the resume.

Do not neglect to include additional skills and training on your resume. Employers are interested in computer experience, personnel work, accounting or design experience you may have. These give an employer an idea of what you can do on the job. Be accurate and honest when evaluating your skills so you do not disappoint when you begin work. Many online employers ask applicants to perform sample tasks before they are hired to test these claims. You should also include any degrees or certificates you hold on your resume. If you are young, include this information up front to explain a lower level of work experience. For older applicants, include this information near a relevant point in the resume.

Drafting a Cover Letter

Cover letters give you room to discuss any points in your resume that might need highlighting or further explanation. You may like to have a generic cover letter on file, but you should adjust this model to match the job description you are applying to. Do your homework and learn a bit about the agency before you draft your cover letter. Employers often get offended if it is obvious that applicants did not take their time to learn about the company before drafting their application materials.

In your cover letter, discuss any specific skills you have that would apply to the job environment. Read the job listing for clues on what the agency is looking for so you can respond accordingly. This is also an opportunity to discuss any volunteer work or non-professional experience you might have that is not listed on your resume. Use these examples to show employers why you are the most relevant candidate for the position.

Scoring the Interview

If you are applying to a remote position, you may need to conduct an interview online. These can be accomplished via text, email, phone or webcam. In any case, you will need to be prepared to present a high quality interview if you want to solidify your chances of getting the job. Before the interview begins, have copies of all of your application materials on hand to use as a reference. Set up in a quiet area that does not have background noise or distractions. If you will be talking via webcam, set up in front of a blank background that will not draw attention away from you. A lot of new employers, like the Gamestop application, are using online interviewing more and more.

When you are looking for jobs online you will need to be very conscious about what personal information you reveal. Do not start passing out your address or phone number until you are sure you have made contact with a legitimate employer. Carefully consider which phone number and email you will provide with your resume so you can maintain contact with employers but do not open yourself to advertisers that may look through job listings for potential customers.